The power of integration

At UCHealth Plan Administrators, we speak frequently about how our administrative solution is fully integrated with the UCHealth system of health care providers and facilities.  But how does integration and connectivity translate into actual value for you, as a self-funded employer who seeks to bend your health care cost curve?

Directly connecting your self-funded health plan with the care delivered throughout the UCHealth system is important for many reasons:

 Seamless care coordination.  As health care services are provided, all services and test results are documented within each member’s individual electronic medical record, which are recorded in real-time and made available to all providers aligned with UCHealth.  This means all encounters, lab tests, imaging, and procedures are readily accessible to all UCHealth providers who treat your members, and ongoing treatment plans may continue without any disruptions to care.

 Direct cost containment.  Because all services delivered are documented within each member’s electronic medical record, UCHealth providers can easily see what tests have been performed, when they were performed, and their results.  Integrating all services and their results into one record eliminates the possibility of duplicate services being conducted, which are often very costly to your health plan.  And, as part of the UCHealth family, UCHealth Plan Administrators offers the most competitive rates in the commercial marketplace to our network of providers. If your employees and their families use UCHealth providers, your health plan will see immediate savings by using our TPA services.  

 More accurate claims adjudication and quicker claims turnaround time.  UCHealth Plan Administrators’ ability to reference the electronic medical record makes it easy for us to ensure health plan requirements have been satisfied throughout the course of treatment and determine if services delivered are covered under your health plan.  Our direct access to this information means your group’s claims are processed more quickly and accurately, in accordance with your health plan’s specifications.

 Enhanced member experience.  Even your members can access their own electronic medical record online through a secure, encrypted interface with the UCHealth system.  They can make appointments, view their test results, and communicate with their providers online or through the UCHealth mobile app, at no cost to them.  We make it simple for members to engage in their own health care and find answers to their questions throughout their entire course of treatment.

No other TPA in Colorado offers self-funded employers the level of connectivity that UCHealth Plan Administrators provides to help your self-funded health plan operate at peak performance.  Our integrated approach toward health plan management delivers all the necessary solutions required to maximize efficiency, eliminate waste, improve your members’ clinical outcomes and patient experiences, and contain your health care spend.

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