Lifestyle Health Program

The Lifestyle Health Program is a chronic disease management and wellness program available to benefited employees and dependents who are at risk for, or have, chronic health issues. The program provides support and tools to improve nutrition, fitness and overall health, all on a confidential and voluntary basis. The Lifestyle Health Program’s registered nurse, exercise physiologist and registered dietician become a critical part of a your care team – providing a holistic and concierge approach to prevention and chronic disease management. 

Program participants undergo an initial assessment of their lifestyle, diet, and fitness level. Every three months afterward, they consult with their health coaches to monitor their participation in program and progress in their overall health. 


Concurrent member risk evaluations are actively conducted through participants’ claim analysis profiles (including medical, prescription drug, dental and vision claims), and electronic medical record data. The Lifestyle Health Program is established in the member’s care team, as our clinicians and lifestyle coaches have access to electronic health record data through our integrated clinical data system, EPIC.


The Lifestyle Health Program empowers employees and their dependents to take an active role in their health. Participants have access to a multitude of health care resources that assist in the reduction of personal health care risk. These resources include individual member interventions, with direct access and support from a registered nurse, registered dietician and exercise physiologist.


Using motivational interviewing and health coaching tools, the highly qualified Lifestyle Health Program team develops a customized approach unique to the individual’s health history and lifestyle health goals. Consultations, fitness classes, nutrition classes and healthy cooking demonstrations are available in person or virtually.


Focused on building relationships and trust, the Lifestyle Health Program provides engagement, support and encouragement, while navigating the member through their health care journey. Taking a concierge approach, the Lifestyle Health Program works hand-in-hand with the member to ensure they are referred to other care professionals in their care continuum, such as referrals to behavioral health care providers.

Program Offerings

Read our recent White Paper, Health Insurance to Health Assurance, for a more comprehensive look into the program’s development, administration, and return on investment. 

Class Schedule & Member Resources

20-Minute Express Workout with Mira, Exercise Physiologist

Participant Testimonial