Our networks

The Simplified Benefits Administrators primary provider network includes all UCHealth facilities and clinics that extend along the entire Colorado Front Range and into eastern Wyoming and western Nebraska.  We are uniquely positioned to offer direct access to the Rocky Mountain region’s only academic-based, community-focused health care system – at the most competitive rates available in the commercial marketplace.  With twelve UCHealth hospitals, we offer the greatest value when our facilities are utilized by your employees and their families.  This immediately converts to maximum health care savings at many of the UCHealth hospitals your members may already use.

Learn more about UCHealth facts, outcomes, distinctions, and awards/recognitions.

Flexibility and collaboration in our network approach is vital for your organization, especially if you wish to broaden provider accessibility, you have members who reside in other states, or you have a self-funded health plan outside of the UCHealth service area altogether.  We can help.  For broader network access inclusive of other health care providers and systems, Simplified Benefits Administrators has negotiated contractual arrangements with independent facilities and health care providers throughout the state of Colorado, including Children’s Hospital Colorado.

In total, the Simplified Benefits Administrators network expands statewide and represents:

  • 1,350+ primary care physicians
  • 8,650+ specialists
  • 12 UCHealth Hospital locations
  • 20 Children’s Hospital locations
  • 22 community contracted hospital affiliations.
  • Network of behavioral health providers (virtual and in-person options)

Expanded Network Access 

For even wider provider access within Colorado and beyond, we work with statewide and nationwide networks on your behalf as well.  We are licensed in all 50 states and have a growing membership that extends across the entire nation.  Most importantly, all of the plans we administer are tailored to your organizational goals and objectives, which means you choose the network plans you want to use to take advantage of the greatest savings potential, the widest provider panel, or a combination of both

Network Amplification Efforts in 2024-2025

We are discussing Intermountain provider network inclusion will have additional information as we continue to amplify and expand our Colorado statewide network, as well as look at Select Health and Intermountain provider network arrangements in other states. Our continued goal is to deliver the highest quality provider network options to our employers and members, at a competitive price. 

As your organization continues to search for innovative network solutions that provide the most savings potential at the UCHealth facilities and providers your employees and their families may likely already use, contact us today and learn how Simplified Benefits Administrators is doing things differently for self-funded employers.